Unduplicator – an online tool for finding and removing duplicate words.

This tool will help you quickly find and remove all repeated words or terms in text or in a text list, dividing it into elements according to the specified separators.

How to use the service

Just type or paste the text or a delimited list of words into the input field and click the “Process text” button. The result will be displayed in a separate field below. It also shows statistics on the number of found repetitions.

You can specify your own text element separators.

If the “highlight duplicates” option is selected, all identical words will be highlighted in red.

If the “remove duplicates” option is selected, all identical words, except for one, will be removed from the text. All delimiters in the text will be replaced by the first one in the list.

The search for duplicate values ​​can be case-sensitive or not.

Pressing the “to clipboard” button will copy the results of the work to it.

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