WordPress TinyMCE Advanced Editor plugin – setting start value for numeric list

Little external plugin for Wordpress TinyMCE Advanced Editor. Adds new button to the editor menu to set start values of numeric lists.

Appends “start” attribute to “OL” tag.

Plugin usage example
Plugin usage example

Plugin source:


  1. Create list which needs to start from different number
  2. Put cursor on it
  3. Click button
  4. Set initial value
  5. Click OK
  6. List starts from entered value


  1. Copy file functions.php to a directory with active theme. Or insert code from file to your active functions.php file.
  2. Copy other files to the same directory.
  3. In functions.php and tmce_olstart.js replace _PATH_ with real path to that files.
  4. A new button appears in TMCE Editor menu.
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