ArtCards – removing margins using the stretch option

When using images with a transparent background, there are usually no problems with visible margins when configuring the card. However, if you use images with backgrounds and the aspect ratio of the image does not match the aspect ratio of the element in the template, unwanted margins may appear. In this case, you can use the “stretch” function to scale the image relative to the template element so that the margins do not appear.

Removing the “Passing coroutines is forbidden, use tasks explicitly” error when using aioschedule in Python 3.11

In Python, the aioschedule library is often used to execute tasks at certain intervals, for example, when developing Telegram bots.

Unfortunately, the aioschedule package has not been updated for several years and has lost compatibility with the latest versions of Python. When used in Python 3.11, an error is thrown at the time of tasks execution

Passing coroutines is forbidden, use tasks explicitly.

Checking if list A is in list B

To chek if list A is completely included in list B – all elements of list A are present in list B, we can use the “superset” and “subset” methods of the standard Python “set” class.

Converting lists to sets also allows us not to worry about checking for duplicates if they exist in the compared lists.


The “subset” method acts on a smaller set and checks if it is in a larger set.

HTML-CSS: Creating a fixed-width column on the right side of the page

When designing an HTML page, sometimes it is necessary to make a fixed-width sidebar on the right side of the page with dynamically filling all the remaining space on the left.


It is easiest to make this using the markup with tables, but it is quite possible with common “<div>” elements as well.

How to get the Discord channel Webhook URL

What is a “Webhook URL” in Discord and what is it for?

A Webhook URL is an address link that points to the server channel in Discord.

It looks like this:

You can send POST requests to this URL to automatically create posts in this Discord channel.

It is a powerful tool that can be used, for example, for newsletters on a channel, or cross-posting from social networks.

Python: how to zip a text string

In order to reduce the size of a long text string, for example, to minimize traffic when sending some text data over the Internet, it can be compressed before sending and unzipped after receiving. The size of transmitted data is significantly reduced in comparison with sending text strings in their original format.

To zip a text string in memory, we can use the “zlib” module.

Let’s use the “compress” function to compress the string. This function takes a byte string as an input parameter and returns the compressed byte string.

As we can see with this simplest example, the line size has been reduced by more than one and a half times.

Python: How to get the first found element in a list or None

To get the first element found in a list by some condition or None if nothing was found we can use the following construction:

With nothing found it returns None:


How to make directories with current data name in Total Commander

To quickly create directories with the name equal to the current date through the Total Commander:

  1. At first, let’s create a cmd script that makes a directory with the desired name:

In the first line of the script, the desired name for the directory is created in the format YYYY.MM.DD.

The second script line creates a directory with the specified name along the path passed in the input parameter %1