ArtCards – configurator of playing cards with unusual beautiful pictures

ArtCards  – online service for creating playing cards with unusual, beautiful pictures.

With ArtCards you can create a variety of card decks, both for classic games and card RPGs, or simply for exchanging them and building collections.


To create a card with an unusual design, first select a template in the assets panel located on the left side of the screen. By default, ArtCards provides two templates for standard card sizes: for bridge, with dimensions of 57×88 mm, and for poker, with dimensions of 63×88 mm.

From the asset sets offered below, select elements to create the desired look of your card. When you select an element, it is embedded to the current cart.

This way you can create very unusual and interesting card sets. For example, you can build a deck with a fantasy football team:

User Content

In addition to the basic asset library, registered users can upload their own templates and assets to ArtCards library.

This feature opens up very wide scope for creativity, for example, you can create a set of cards in the “Wanted” style:

For user upload, the following formats are supported, for card templates: SVG, for assets: SVG, JPG, PNG.


In the action panel, the user can:

When pressing the button with the dice, a random card with a random set of elements will be automatically generated.

The generated card can be saved to the user’s account on ArtCards by clicking on the button with a floppy disk.

When you click on the download button, the current generated card is downloaded to the user’s computer in SVG format.

User account

In the user account on ArtCards, the user can view and manage saved card and uploaded templates/assets.

Saved cards can be deleted, downloaded to the user’s computer, and quickly copied links to them for sharing on external resources and in social networks.

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