Launching the Internet Explored browser on Windows 10/11

Lately, it has become impossible to launch the Internet Explorer browser on Windows 10/11. If try to launch it, the IE browser automatically closed and launch the MS Edge browser instead of the Internet Explorer.

But if you still need to use the Internet Explorer browser, you can start it from the vbs script.

This method guaranty works on Windows 10/11 at February 2023.

How to use the script:

The simplest script to launch the Internet Explorer browser consists of only three lines:

Save this code to the text file with the launch_ie.vbs name.

Also, you can download it from my GitHub.

Copy the launch_ie.vbs file to your computer, for example to the desktop, and execute it with double click. It will open the Internet Explored browser.

To set up the start page, opening by this script
  • Open the launch_ie.vbs file in any text editor (for example, in Notepad, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code).
  • Change the second string – replace the address with the required.
  • Save the file.
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