How to get the Discord channel Webhook URL

What is a “Webhook URL” in Discord and what is it for?

A Webhook URL is an address link that points to the server channel in Discord.

It looks like this:

You can send POST requests to this URL to automatically create posts in this Discord channel.

It is a powerful tool that can be used, for example, for newsletters on a channel, or cross-posting from social networks.

How to get the Webhook URL from the Discord channel

1. Open your Discord application.

2. Switch to your server.

3. Press the “Edit Channel” button to the right of the channel name.

4. Switch to the “Integration” tab.

5. Press the “Create Webhook” button.

6. Press the “Copy Webhook URL” button. This will copy the required Webhook URL to the Clipboard.

7. Now you can paste (ctrl + v) it to the external application for cross-posting.

8. You can optionally customize the avatar and the name of the Discord bot.

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